Real Estate Marketing

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Drive Crazy Traffic from Pinterest to Your Real Estate Website

Do you know why Pinterest is considered the most suitable for real estate social media marketing? Amazingly, only a few real estate agents use this amazing platform to drive traffic to their websites. Read about it and learn how to create and promote Pinterest business account. Learn about marketing tips for successful pinning and many fresh ideas to create super popular Pinterest boards related to real estate topics.

101 Real Estate Marketing Ideas

From creative and fun to high tech and traditional… These marketing methods, ideas, and tips could be a foundation or nice addition to your existing marketing plan. Read this highly detailed article here…or just watch the video below if you already know all real estate marketing tricks.

…and some agents from other countries go a totally different route:

All About Real Estate Farming

Many new Real Estate agents get the wrong impression about Real Estate Farming. They think the pre-historic method of door-knocking is outdated and ineffective. Today’s Real Estate Farming programs include plenty of modern technological elements along with some traditional marketing tools like real estate farming postcards. Even the most technologically advanced top real estate agents couldn’t reach the top level without personal contact with potential clients. No one likes annoying and pushy salespeople. In the end, it is still about building personal relationships and building trust… Read more…

New Life of Real Estate Marketing Postcards

Real Estate Farming Postcards are effective when used with a relevant and clear message that point to your website for additional information and visual presentations, such as virtual tours, through QR codes or textual links. You may ask why any Real Estate agent would bother printing and mailing marketing postcards when email marketing is so much cheaper and faster? Read more…

Smart Email Marketing for Realtors 

Sending email newsletters to your clients should be an important part of your real estate marketing plan. Designing good-looking, interesting and useful newsletter from scratch can be tricky and time-consuming. We have reviewed several email marketing companies that can help you with all aspects of the initial design, content and effective email marketing strategies as well. You will be using the most reputable email marketing companies that have a vast selection of different tools and great tech support. Read more… 

Real Estate Newsletters

Real Estate Newsletter has been a reliable tool for a vast number of Realtors.
There are a few companies that offer generic and customizable newsletters and many of the most successful real estate agents print and distribute several hundred or even thousands of copies 4-12 times a year. Why do some agents still print and distribute paper real estate newsletters year after year and others try and quit after 2-3 issues? The trick is in the content. Find out which real estate newsletter ideas are the most effective for generating trust and leads… Read more… 

Developing a Real Estate Marketing Plan

With so many things needed to be done, overwhelmed new real estate agents often have no idea where to start. Rookies are confused about what are the right steps to become a successful real estate agent are even after going through training. It is easy to fail without knowing all possible marketing methods, the exact sequence of the actions you need to take and mistakes to avoid. Read more…