Top Reasons Why Marketing with Real Estate Postcards Fails For Some…

In our 20+ years in real estate marketing, we often come across real estate agents who claim that marketing doesn’t work for them. Often it is not just particular kind of marketing, such as real estate newsletters or postcards – usually, they will come off with a blanket statement such as “None of the usual … Read more

Real Estate Farming Program

What is Real Estate Farming? Real Estate Farming is a planned prospecting campaign (the keyword is PLANNED) where you heavily service a geographic area or a social group in an effort to get listings, buyers, and referrals. Farming in real estate is a long-term prospecting goal. It will take about six months (to see first … Read more

Real Estate Farming 101

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a new real estate agent evaluating different marketing ideas, you’ve probably heard of farming. What is Real Estate Farming? If you are tweeting about real estate and have a core group of followers, you are farming… If you are just knocking on doors, you are not farming. You are … Read more

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