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How to become a successful real estate agent?

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There are many components that contribute to a successful real estate career with marketing knowledge, planning, and discipline being among the most important ones. Just getting a license and becoming a real estate agent is not enough. Study what top producers are doing but most importantly, how they are doing it.

Continue reading to learn how the best real estate websites are built and promoted along with a number of high-tech and traditional tricks that may help you to get ahead of the competition. There are hundreds of website, blogs, videos that recycle the same Real Estate marketing ideas about building your brand, using Facebook and social media, keeping in touch with old clients via email, etc., but all of them do no have EXACT steps or instructions regarding how to accomplish anything that they mentioned.

This website is dedicated to providing In-Depth instructions and tutorials that will be describing all the techniques in plain language.

Find out the best creative marketing methods and strategies!

Learn in details why some marketing methods work and others don’t.  There are plenty of creative real estate marketing ideas and tricks that most agents simply are not aware of. You need to stay ahead of the crowd whether you are a new real estate agent or you already have years of experience. You may know what FSBO is but if you are clueless what the heck ZMOT is, then you are behind the top 10%.

You hear about Real Estate marketing moving to social media and the Internet in general but no one gives you exact steps how to do it besides blasting bazillion Tweets, Facebook posts or comments. There is an order in this digital Universe. A small number of top Realtors figured it out and are closing deal after deal by combining traditional marketing methods with high-tech ones. Creative real estate marketing is a way of finding such combinations.

One example comes to mind when talking about creativity.

How one can get a 99% response rate from a mailing campaign?

Almost 20 years ago the owner of one of the high-end art galleries was thinking about new ways of advertising the art show during unseasonably bad weather. As the gallery did many times before, they mailed cards, brochures, and catalogs to 150 art collectors but a week before opening the show only a few of them confirmed the attendance.

In desperation, the gallery owner has decided to do something completely unorthodox. She ordered nice gold foiled stickers with collectors’ addresses and other stickers with art show ad. Then she purchased 150 watermelons, put stickers on them and took them to the USPS office. You, probably don’t know, but you could actually legally mail unwrapped watermelon with the address sticker through USPS and it usually gets delivered the next day!

In spite of bad weather, 147 art collectors flew in, attended the show and purchased a number of art pieces for more than $100,000 in total (the gallery commission is usually around 50%).

Was it expensive to mail those watermelons?
Yes, but mailing all catalogs, brochures and cards was almost as expensive as mailing watermelons and the response rate was awful!

Creative real estate marketing doesn’t mean, of course, that Realtors have to start mailing all sorts of large vegetables to homeowners, although, some of the agents I personally know deliver pumpkins before Thanksgiving and call it their best marketing strategy based on ROI (return on investment) 🙂

So, if you’d like to learn more about creative real estate marketing get yourself a cup of coffee, keep reading but bare in mind that “Coffee is for Closers”

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