Designing Slogans for Real Estate Lead Generation

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Whether you are just starting your real estate career or are on the crossroads of revising your lead generation strategy, the effectiveness of real estate slogan can’t be underestimated. Can you change your slogan mid-career? Of course, if you come up with something that represents you and what you do better. But weigh in the risk of ‘changing your brand’ – something that your clients grew to respect and remember over the years.

Come up with the slogan that reflects the strongest sides of your real estate professional experience.

Let’s face it: when you were just starting in real estate, a slogan: “Not #1 … but I work harder for you” was honest and humorous but if your career took off and you are now at the top of your game, it would be wise to reflect that in your slogan.

Don’t fall in the trap of bragging about yourself with something like “The Best In The West” because it is corny & can’t be 100% true, as we all understand. The slogan “Top 2% nationwide” or “President’s Circle Award” would be a fair reflection of your latest achievements but it could change tomorrow and is not very memorable or original. Plus, it reflects your past achievements & not what you can & would do for your clients.

Be honest, if you were a seller or buyer looking for a trustworthy real estate professional, what would be more appealing to you: a slogan like “Consistently Delivering More than My Clients Expect” and “Looking Out for Number 1: YOU!” or a slogan dwelling on achievements and awards of the past?

Focus on something that distinguishes you from other agents.

Many effective real estate lead generation ideas can be revolved around such slogans. When it comes to marketing and slogans, in particular, you can’t aim for mediocrity. Slogan below your name is your 2-seconds Super Bowl commercial that, hopefully, would be ingrained in your clients’ memory until it is time to buy or sell. They must remember it and best of all, remember you. So don’t play lazy games and pick the default “Serving all your Real Estate Needs” as it just screams to your clients that you don’t really care about anything, starting with such important thing as marketing yourself.

Don’t borrow your company’s slogan either, no matter how great and sophisticated it is. You will be one of many agents who would walk the same path and look alike, and that is just the opposite of what you are trying to achieve with your slogan.

The other important consideration is that you may be changing companies in the future so your slogan would have to change too, which will be confusing for your clients. Stay away from slogans and taglines that you’ve seen on numerous business cards and in many real estate business ads, like: “Everything We Touch Turns To SOLD.”

Slogans like “Real Estate Is My Passion. Let me Share It with You!” or “Real Estate… As It Should Be” tell your clients more about YOU. Come up with a slogan that is personal and memorable as well as customer-focused: “Urban Homes: Experts Without Attitude.”

It is always a good idea to reflect the area where you specialize: “Selling Silicon Valley… One Home at a Time” and emphasize results: “Accept No Substitutes for Results.”

Keep your slogan as short as possible.

It shouldn’t be a long paragraph describing all the services that you can provide and all your career accomplishments. The best slogans are short (6-7 words maximum) as they are easier to remember and should be catchy rather than too informative. One of the agents who specialized in golf-front properties had a successful career with a slogan that emphasized the specialty niche: “Caring For My Clients to a Tee!”

While the slogan like “Helping You Move in a Positive Direction – One Step at a Time” is service & client-oriented, but would be considered too long by marketing professionals. Too many words, even when they are the right words, makes it less memorable. Something more light, like “James, Home!” will be easily remembered by clientele thus serving its purpose better.

Using Your Slogan

It is not enough to come up with a great slogan – you should use it wisely on your website, social accounts, and all printed marketing materials so it better serves its purpose: advertise YOU and YOUR brand in a positive and memorable way. Mark Brian, one of the top twitter real estate agents, has a strange and funny slogan: “Ugly but honest” which also happens to be his domain name.

That’s great slogan integration in itself! Be honest, you can’t forget this domain nor the slogan as it is so different from thousands of other slogans that you’ve seen on the social media. As Mark explains it: “… there is a very good reason I chose this name. You probably won’t forget it.” As he goes into the description of his choice of career and his approach to real estate business, Mark states: “… my answers will always be HONEST. And sometimes my answers will be UGLY.”

His unique style of marketing, generating leads and dealing with clients is the opposite of ‘fairy tale’ and ‘sugar-coating’ which is also clearly visible in the way his blog, website, & twits look, including a very casual business picture. Is it perfect? In Mark’s own words, “While I’m NOT perfect, I’m AWESOME.”

While you should never, ever, ever copy anyone’s slogan, it is worth your time to study Mark’s approach (and other top agents) to the choice of a catchy phrase and integrating it into his lead generation marketing. With 25.3K followers on Twitter, it gets A+ for slogan creativity.

Your catchy slogan is a promise

Don’t forget that you need to present proof that you have all it takes to fulfill this promise. The very first thing that comes to mind would be testimonials of former clients. But an impressive list of testimonials comes after a long real estate career, you would say. In the meantime, you should really watch your digital footprint and check often what comes up if someone puts your name into a search box.

Is it your informative twitter feed, a unique LinkedIn profile, beautiful Pinterest boards with useful decorating and remodeling tips, or a selfie with friends from last night at the bar? It would be wise to gradually build up your profile using social media and printed marketing materials, as they serve different marketing purposes, have different ‘shelf life’, and aim at different demographics.

While all the buzz nowadays is about quick results through social media, the truth is that you can’t ignore all the pieces of a complicated marketing puzzle. If you are just starting in your real estate career and can’t afford to hire an assistant knowledgeable in social media marketing, pace yourself and try to do something rather than nothing.

It would be better to retweet a few post a day from popular accounts in your field, post a newest office listing rather than register a twitter account and leave your twitter feed empty. Don’t miss an opportunity to introduce yourself online and strengthen your image – every impression of your name & slogan counts.

Using slogans on social media accounts

Social media has been a dynamic platform that allows you to reach thousands of potential clients and introduce new technology for your lead generation strategies. But is your time worth the results? There are numerous sources that allow you to simplify your social media management by synchronizing accounts so when you post on one, it automatically is posted across the board to all accounts (or just a few of your choice).

One of many, Buffer app integrated into Google Chrome browser, allows you to post with just one click, including sharing photos and selective scheduling of your posts. Let’s say, you do all your reading in the morning and would like to share 5 articles with your readers. The Buffer will allow you to customize your message with searchable hashtags (#realestate) and custom posting times, so your name and your slogan are in front of your clients throughout the day. Just a few minutes a day will translate into constant twitter, FB, a stream of valuable information, while you spend your day taking care of clients and transactions.

Using slogans on printed marketing materials

We all know that visual impressions are more memorable and last longer, that’s why you can’t ignore printed media to deliver your slogan and your brand to prospective sellers and buyers. Real estate newsletters give you one of the best ways to do it in a less time-consuming way. When you work with your real estate marketing assistant on designing your first issue, try to integrate your slogan and logo in the header of your newsletter so it becomes your permanent ‘business card.’ Look through some examples of great slogan placements in real estate newsletters that are not limited just to one page but rather deliver the constant message that is not likely to be ignored.

You may want to work with graphic designer to create your own brand logo that will deliver your message in an eye-pleasing and catchy way that can be easily repeated across the board on real estate newsletters, brochures, and marketing postcards. Your name alone will not be as memorable as a logo that has your name, photo, and message. The slogan will speak for itself if it is accompanied by your featured listings and recent sales, as on the sample of real estate newsletter with the slogan ‘live beautifully’.

It is part of the advertisement for high-end listings and is a permanent feature in the agent’s newsletter, which clients recognize and expect to see in their mailbox on a regular basis. All parts of that ad work in harmony, starting with a personal photo, a unique slogan, distinctive custom color, images, fonts, and layout.

It is beneficial for building your business and reputation to capitalize on your local expertise. Real estate is local and if someone is planning to sell or buy, they are not looking for ‘any real estate specialist’ – they are looking for a specialist in a particular neighborhood. In another sample, the agent uses the slogan “Your Somers Specialist” which is practically supported by Somers Recent Sales as well as Featured Listing that changes in every issue.

We can’t stress enough that according to our survey of real estate agents using newsletter for their marketing, this is one of the most proven successful strategies. You don’t have to ‘brag’ about yourself – your marketing piece will do all the work, as well as bring valuable information to your clients.

Be creative in graphics that you use to support your message and help you stand out.

In one newsletter the slogan “I am nobody without you” is taken to a new level by using a cartoon along with a regular business photo. The cartoon appears on page 1 and then on page 4, but the face is erased on the 2nd one, accompanied by the slogan “I am nobody without you.”

That’s a clever way to deliver a heartfelt message along with a ‘thank you’ to past clients for their business and referrals! While cartoon and slogan (or photo & logo/slogan) provide winning combination and could become a permanent feature in your newsletter, it makes it more interesting to change an accompanying message in every issue to keep it fresh.

Real estate newsletter that you can customize allows you have a truly meaningful conversation with your prospects, as a targeted group of your real estate lead generation efforts.

In a newsletter all pieces come together: your personal photo, logo, slogan, and listings you wish to advertise are all ‘under one roof’ while you have an opportunity to direct users to other social accounts for more details or a particular video.

Need more real estate lead generation ideas? Take full advantage of QR codes by printing them on your newsletter providing links not only to your social media accounts but also to your main website or blog with more detailed information on topics discussed in your real estate newsletters.

No matter whether you use paper newsletter or e-newsletter that is sent via email, the trick is to have newsletter content custom-tailored for particular groups of clients.

Your real estate newsletter content must show that you, as a real estate agent, know enough and care enough to fulfill the promise of your slogan.

The majority of people still tend to trust printed words more than the content of digital media that can be altered or deleted at any time. We also are in a habit of deleting emails without reading then when our mailboxes are overflowing with all kinds of messages. This is why customized printed marketing materials are still relevant for targeting certain groups and geographical areas and often outperform many other forms of real estate lead generation.

In conclusion, spend a significant amount of time and brain power to pick a truly unique slogan that reflects your real estate personality, is rather short, memorable, and honest. You can sell real estate without a slogan but if you pick one, make sure it works for your benefit, not against you across all marketing platforms.