How to become a real estate virtual assistant

Every month more and more people who are interested in working from home are asking: “How to become a real estate virtual assistant?” Why such interest in becoming a real estate VA in particular? What exactly real estate virtual assistant services are and how can you get real estate virtual assistant training? The Cons and Pros … Read more

Careers in Real Estate

Real estate offers rewarding careers in many related fields. Some of the Real estate jobs provide flexibility, freedom and unlimited earning potential but no guaranteed income. Other are more or fewer office jobs related to real estate. This article may help with your Real Estate career choice: Real Estate Careers If you don’t want to take … Read more

Top Reasons Why Marketing with Real Estate Postcards Fails For Some…

In our 20+ years in real estate marketing, we often come across real estate agents who claim that marketing doesn’t work for them. Often it is not just particular kind of marketing, such as real estate newsletters or postcards – usually, they will come off with a blanket statement such as “None of the usual … Read more

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