Benefits Of Farming With Custom Real Estate Newsletters

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Real Estate farming has expanded to digital media. Due to this, all you hear nowadays is that traditional marketing methods are almost dead and that Realtors should be doing all their marketing via social media and email.
Watching what top real estate agents have been doing for the past 17 years tells a very different story. Real Estate farming is alive and doing well for those agents who are faithfully following their marketing plans and combining elements of traditional and digital marketing.

Benefits (besides obvious leads)

  • High deliverability to new prospects – no spam restrictions as with email marketing;
  • Customizable newsletters that can be used for collecting email addresses from new prospects for future email campaigns. This email collecting ability is often overlooked by 99% of Realtors;
  • Real estate newsletters printed on paper are easier to read for many people than e-newsletters on bright digital screens or small mobile devices;
  • These newsletters do not require internet connection. People can read them anywhere;
  • Marketing newsletters can be used for promoting Realtor’s website;
  • Paper versions of Real Estate newsletters reach different demographics than internet marketing and these are usually people who have equity in their homes;
  • Customized newsletters help establish trust with future clients;
  • Providing helpful, valuable, and customized content catering to the specific needs of local communities helps improve your image as a friendly “neighborhood expert”;

Real Estate newsletter ideas and content

Custom local content is a must!
Here is why:

Any agent recycling boring and generic real estate marketing information will NOT achieve“Neighborhood Expert” status.
Local home sales and solutions to common homeowners’ problems are the majority of your future clients interests.

Follow the steps of top real estate agents and top internet marketers!
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The most effective strategy that works extremely well is providing relevant information for buyers and sellers. By providing the latest “Just Listed” and “Just Sold” properties gives potential clients the facts they need. Long and sophisticated market analysis articles bore the average reader. Long articles with too much data overwhelms potential prospects. Who has the time and energy for that after long hours at the office?

Yes, it is that simple!
Month after month some agents insert “Featured Home of the Month” with short description and a couple of pictures and get consistent results.

It takes minimal time and effort. Just ask any expert realtor, they will tell you that a picture is worth a thousand words!

The sooner you start with your Real Estate newsletter for clients, the sooner you’ll start getting similar results!

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Of course, a few of real estate agents like to take their time and write some monumental piece about the patterns of real estate market fluctuations and the current economy.

Please, don’t follow their footsteps!
Our experience shows that newsletters with similar articles produce fewer results and take lots of valuable time you could spend on prospecting.

Call and ask our marketing assistants about the best way to design your real estate newsletter.

Many of the agents that are not familiar with real estate newsletters are concerned with high cost of mailing. There is an easy solution to this problem if you are planning to distribute these newsletters within your geographical farm.
A lot of the times local teenagers will gladly distribute your marketing materials by hand up to 10 times cheaper than it would cost you to mail them via USPS. You can also send them using EDDM (Every Door Direct Mailing) offered by USPS at discount rates. Your newsletter should meet flat mail standards which are easily achieved if you do not fold it.